Micro-level influencer for Franchise business: New age of audience targeting in Tier 2 and Tier 3, cities

In an increasingly technological and innovative world, it’s no secret that businesses rely on influencers to thrive because without marketing, making a space for your business is a difficult process plus, marketing decides the sales, reputation, and other important factors of a venture.

Now, who is a micro-level influencer? A Micro-level influencer does not necessarily have a huge amount of followers. And guess what? That is not a bad thing because these influencers have a particular specialization that invites only an interested audience in that field which is why a business needs them.

They are more interactive, solicitous, and pensive which enables them to create a deeper impact on the masses for a business.  Their specialization in a particular field makes them a trustworthy and credible source for customers. Also, their charges can be lower than an influencer with 100,000 followers or more.

According to a report published by Oxford Economics in 2019, cities like Surat, Agra, and Nagpur have made it into the list of fastest-growing economies globally.

This demonstrates tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India are rapidly moving towards economical magnification and development. They have many business opportunities and in recent times, major brands want to invest here because of profit, low rents, availability of skilled workers, etc. This is also a reason these cities are emerging as hubs of different urban activities. Franchise businesses need to choose micro-level influencers. In such cities, using these influencers to target audiences is a boon for promoting business and making people familiar with a brand. It is an intelligent choice, where a brand makes a statement of quality over quantity and it reflects that they trust their products/services.

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