This Simple Guide to Finding the Perfect Name Has Been Tested and Approved by Over 35,000 Businesses

One of the most vital elements to set in place after coming up with a great business idea, identifying your niche, and developing a robust business strategy is to find a compelling name for your business and its products.

But this is where most entrepreneurs face serious problems. And that’s because naming is one crucial element that if not handled carefully could easily go wrong. Finding a ‘good name for company’ will give you unique benefits that can determine if your brand succeeds in the market.

And that’s why, we at Squadhelp—the best, trusted brand name agency that has helped over 35,000 brands find fun, catchy, and captivating names—will be revealing three fast and easy steps that’d make naming your business a walk in the park.

1. Consider Your Brand

Your brand’s tone, emotion, and image are the most significant parts of your business since they shape how people connect with you.

So, while naming your company, remember that your brand is and should be the most important factor to consider. Determine your brand identity, values, tone, and the feelings you want your clients to have when they see it.

Consider MAC cosmetics. The brand name is a creative abbreviation of the words ‘Makeup Art Cosmetics,’ which matches the company’s offerings and values nicely. However, another business with a distinct personality and set of characteristics would not benefit from utilizing the name MAC.

Therefore, anyhow you choose to get a business name, be aware that your brand will affect the value of the name and how well people perceive and interact with your company.

2. Start Searching for Prospective Names

If you have the resources and time to do so, set up a naming team to help you generate name suggestions for your business. Give them an overview of your business’s tone and values and provide them with the necessary tools, such as a whiteboard, a notebook, pencils, and markers.

The goal should be to come up with as many original and imaginative company names as you can, making sure they adequately describe your firm and are both short and memorable.

Avoid the need to verify the names you come up with when brainstorming because doing so could break the flow of ideas for both you and your team.

Use the resources on this list to aid your brainstorming session:

  • A thesaurus and dictionary
  • colors-related names
  • Company name generators
  • Slang used in your sector
  • Rhyming words

During the course of your brainstorming session, come up with 200 or so brief, memorable, and intriguing words. No matter how strange or unusual the words may initially seem, you will realize their true potential only after you evaluate them.

The wide variety of names you came up with during brainstorming will offer a vast choice of possibilities as you think about each name in further detail in the next stage of the naming process.

3. Analyze the Potential Names

At this point, you should have 200 or fewer options that, after removing factors such as personal preference, stand an equal chance of being your company’s name. But you need to narrow it down before you can make a choice from them.

As a result, create a list of your top prospects and make sure they satisfy certain crucial validation requirements. You can validate the names by getting:

  • Customer Reviews: This is a very vital test that’ll determine whether or not the name will appeal to your target audience. This could be done by asking members of your family, your friends, or even random strangers for their opinions and then gathering their responses.
  • Finding a ‘.com’ Extension for the Name: Due to the importance of the internet in the modern marketplace, if your company name doesn’t have a matching domain name, a significant social media following, and a quality website, it won’t have the impact it should. Therefore, ensure you can obtain these features before settling on a name.
  • Trademark Protection: One guaranteed approach to steer clear of several issues down the road is to register your company name as a trademark with the USPTO. This is because many frequently used names already have some sort of trademark protection, and using them could result in issues with the law.

You are free to select the option that is proven to be the best for your business after this validation process.


The success of your brand depends on your company name since it will make you stand out and improve brand sales, performance, and recognition.

You must pick a company name that appropriately captures the essence of your operation while sounding approachable in order to attract new customers.

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