How to find some relevant Facebook posts for your business page?

Doing Social Media Marketing means focusing on the Content Strategy and Engagement of the Audience. And for Engagement, you will need the relevant posts. But let’s go rewind back a little and understand why engagement is necessary.

Every company or business likes to spread. And while doing social marketing,

“ The right content is the tool.”

But the tool is only effective if the post gets the right response. In other words, not unless your post is reacted to with comments or shares, etc. Your company is not able to draw attention. And therefore, you need another tactic. A means to keep your consumers engaged.

Table of Contents:

What could be a relevant post?

Have I been posting a relevant post?

How to analyze relevant posts?

Ending Thoughts

What could be a relevant post?

A relevant post is a very subjective term. From a marketing perspective, it may be something about the company’s product. For SEO experts, it must contain all related keywords and info. For the audience, it should be specific and satisfying for what they were looking for.

With such a broad definition of a single term, one might go on and define his or her definition and might go astray. For sure one is free, but this has already failed so many that instead of a clearer statement it is more of a personal understanding of what is best for your company.

So to better understand this term, we might ask the correct question:

Have I been posting a relevant post?

With the digital marketing revolution, companies become too obsessed with selling their product and being less focused on what their audience wants. This is a mere coincidence when both goals are fulfilled. But you should not sit on with your occasional chances of happiness. 

To find out whether your post will be effective, you have to check if it has been so in the past.  It means finding out what your audience is telling you. You have to listen to them. And not through demographic data but also doing some qualitative analysis. 

This lands us in our next question:

How to analyze relevant posts?

Analyzing relevant posts can be done either digitally or by reading the demographics using Facebook Analytics. Or doing it organically through the following:

  • Review what has been engaging in your posts.
  • Read comments on your and other related businesses’ posts.
  • Check forums and if you can answer with your posts and content.
  • Asking for feedback.

Once, you have an idea of what has been the best. It may give you a little insight.

A bit of additional advice is to keep up with the trends. With the high-paced changing times, the marketing strategies take sharp turns too. Yesterday’s fashion becomes obsolete every day. Taking help from Google Trends might prove useful. 

Ending Thoughts

Though a company finds it easy to hire anyone for making their content. But it is more advantageous to hire someone with a relevant understanding of your products and services. And they should possess the skill to acknowledge how to deliver your content according to readers’ needs.

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