Women Entrepreneur from Bihar & Jharkhand

The real identity of India lies in its rural Background but we often ignore the brilliance that resides there. We are so much involved by the colours of metropolitan cities that we fail to acknowledge the excellent works of People in small towns and villages.
Even if we are living in the 21st Century, women are still considered the second fiddle to men. They struggled a lot and are struggling still to cement their capabilities in the social spheres. Women from around the globe are experimenting with different perspectives in life and are trying to be successful Entrepreneurs as well. Numerous Women Entrepreneurs are running at the same pace as men and are no less than them. Women in the small part of India are also utilizing their zeal and are succeeding as Women Entrepreneurs. BIHAR, JHARKHAND and U.P. are developing and the women living here are steps ahead to win the race of Entrepreneurship. The names of those Lady Entrepreneurs are listed below :
●    Shazia Quaiser
A Vision for change can
result in something
magnificent if given proper
effort and time.
Shazia had the Vision to start something new and she worked hard to get it done. In 2012, She managed to build the first-ever shoe- laundry in
Bihar, The Revival Shoe Laundry. This platform was new to all and gave rise to many questions but Shazia overcame them all and now is proudly set as an entrepreneur with several customers.

●    Yashi Malviya and Sukriti Roy  
In the year 2008, Two women
Journalists decided to create a platform that will showcase the real beauty that lies amid Bihar.
The state with the most IASs is often considered the hub of crime and corruption but is way more than that. Yashi and Sukriti went to 32 districts in Bihar and carved out the real beauty of Nature that resides in the state. Their Startup worked as a boon to Bihar and their Entrepreneurial journey took speed with no turning back.
Bihar bytes

●    Hansa Sinha
A strong lady who fought a life-taking disease had a near-death experience but she recovered herself and then emerged as an Entrepreneur who didn’t even hesitate to join hands with her opponent. She looked forward to a life that’ll someday bring her name and fame. In the year 2011, along with Parimal Madhup, she co-started her platform Genesys Consultancy. In the starting days, they didn’t have enough money to recruit a team but today they have a team of 15 who are working on major projects in Bihar as well as India.

●    Shradha Sharma
“A Powerful Woman with Powerful Idea”. She proved her ideology and set herself as an entrepreneur in the year 2008  by  creating The Platform “Your Story” after her service as a brand advisor at “The Times of India” and assistant Vice President at the CNBC TV18. Today she is ruling over the digital platform by her works and is working with eminent Capitalists and Investors.


●    Poonam Devi
In the Jagannath Pur area near Ranchi, a village woman emerged as a successful entrepreneur who took a loan of Rs1.5 lakh from the self-help group in her village but the first-day income of Rs145 from her cafe shook her confidence. It worried her like how will she be able to repay the loan.
But hard work pays and her daily income escalated from that little amount to 15000 daily. Now She is a role model to the tribal community and especially to the women.

●    Anugya Vardhan
Ranchi Girl Anugya shifted to Bangalore after her marriage and was hoping to do some work to help her expenses. She was highly fascinated by the glory of digital marketing and hopped into e-commerce as an e-retailer for watches. With a tiny investment of 7,000, she became the sole proprietor of Grabito and is now working with giants like Flipkart and amazon with a turnover of 10,00000.
She is a leading lady in the manifesto of watch retail and wholesale as she knew the way to customers. In a single day, there are over 500 orders resulting in high turnover.

It’s not that easy to overcome the hurdles these small-town women Entrepreneurs dealt with. With every step, there are comments and degradations by society. The male dominating society can’t see a powerful woman breaking the traditional rules and the chain of the system. Even though some are managing to escape and are ruling their life on their own. Women Entrepreneurs are there working with all their efforts and in return demand acknowledgement and appraisal.


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