What is a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is as simple as a simple calendar, with scheduling tools. It helps to schedule and post social media posts across your platform. It helps to curate and publish: Images, Captions, Hashtags, and more, helping you to schedule your posts across platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc). It helps managers or business owners to post and publish consistently from week to week. It also consists of a plan-ahead tool to help in the creation of content or social media posts, which helps you to see and evaluate each step. It helps you to create processes that are repeatable and efficient.
Content calendars come in different forms and shapes. Foremost, the work of calendars is to set and manage your publishing. It depends on your needs. For example, Content calendar tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, help you to schedule and set the timing of your content to get published. Helping you to understand the quality of content and also the behaviour of your potential customers. Every business if it is small or big, organizes differently according to its needs. But a typical calendar consists of some important details:

Social Media Managers usually use different tags according to their category to differentiate their purpose and use it for analysis. Like “Promotions”, “Deals”, “Education”, etc. Setting every post according to your goals.

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