Salman Nabi

Hashtags Generator for Instagram 2023

Did you know that Twitter was the first major social media platform to embrace hashtags? For Twitter, you are limited by a character limit of only 280 characters. Not so on Instagram. You can caption your posts with up to 2,200 characters. Hashtags are numbers, emojis and letters preceded by the symbol “#”. They are mostly used to filter and organize the topics or content to get more discoverable. e.g: #foodgram. You can use up to 30 hashtags on regular posts and 10 hashtags on stories on Instagram.

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Instagram Reels in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

For everything you want to know about Instagram Reels, follow this guide. How much time are you scrolling Instagram Reels? Or How many reels have you made? Everything at Instagram is moving to short video content. They are pushing Instagram Reels, beyond anything. It’s a new viral fame platform. On August 5, 2020, Instagram launched Reels, a platform for creators, to create and share short video content. Facebook launched not only to compete with TikTok but to give a seamless experience in only one Instagram App. Fun fact; one of the main reasons to launch products like reels and Instagram want to maintain a supply of good music to the platform. Statement given by Instagram Head of Products, Vishal Shah, “We think it’s really important to honour the rights of the music labels — and that’s one we’ve been working on for years now.”

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